The Sterling Cars web platform aims to provide a marketplace for car importers and potential consumers to buy premium quality Japanese reconditioned vehicles. We envision to build longstanding relationships with customers on the basis of trust and reliability. Through this website customers can opt to buy vehicles with the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee, which ensures that your investment will be protected.

Sterling Cars is a fully-owned subsidiary of Sterling Japan Co. Ltd.

Why buy through Sterling Cars?

  • The trust and reliability of the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee.
  • Deliverance of premium quality reconditioned vehicles.
  • Ability to purchase a Japanese domestic model with more advanced features.
  • The convenience of after sales services provided by Sterling Aftercare Centres.

Our Edge

Sterling cars is a platform which connects buys and sellers of vehicles. Whether you are a vehicle importer searching for a marketplace, an individual seller or a potential buyer looking for your dream car, this is the place to be.
A plethora of makes and models to choose from.
Buy your vehicle from a certified dealer.
Unlimited access to the Sterling dealer network.
A vehicle that suits your needs and budget.
Ability to buy your dream car with a warranty.
Reserve online and pay later.


The Sterling Aftercare Guarantee was introduced by Sterling Japan, a decade ago, to address the dearth of after sales service providers for automobiles that are imported to Sri Lanka by independent vehicle importers. The warranty offers a two-year cover for the engine and transmission system of a vehicle, as well as a three-year cover for the hybrid battery (if so equipped).

What we assure under this warranty is the deliverance of a vehicle that is carefully selected after a thorough and scientific inspection of its condition. Our relationship with the customers extends far beyond the point of sale, where we are geared to provide all related maintenance and repair services at our state-of-the-art facilities.

We will move forward with the rapidly advancing automobile technology, while always staying true to our ethos of giving you the assurance to drive with confidence.


Sterling Japan was founded in 1999 in Funabashi, Japan with the objective of supplying high quality Japanese automobiles to overseas markets. Today the company supplies more than 50% of Sri Lanka’s requirement for reconditioned vehicles in Sri Lanka. Currently, Sterling exports vehicle units of Japanese and European brands to the Island and each of these is exported with the Sterling Aftercare Guarantee.

Majority of the reputed car dealers in Sri Lanka have partnered with Sterling to supply vehicles to the domestic market, where the company today works with a network of more than 200 importers island-wide. With two decades of industry experience, Sterling has built a reputation among its patrons and consumers as a brand that is trustworthy and reliable.